I sprayed a discount bathroom hardware bit of this on a tester sheet at a store and thought, "Wow.
My very first impression with Eros was that I simply did not care for it on my skin.
For some reason I really like this cologne when my nose is buried into where I sprayed it, as I can pick up some nice complexity and it just smells.
The next time I put Eros on, I quite liked.
To me this is about feeling beautiful but not in a romantic way, rather in a "powerful way".A lovely classic elegant fragrance, with an intersting lemon touch.Lemon with a creamy sweet aroma that's hard to describe any other way.I'll give it some more time, though, and I do like the fact that it's very versatile and could be worn just about anywhere, any weather, and any time.Sillage: starts strong and sharp, but after some 30 minutes it becomes moderate.The previous review was mine but I appared as "guest".Not on the same level as far as intensity/sweetness, but I definitely get some similarities there.This is a sofisticated, elegant and bright fragrance.

If my experiences change with this cologne, I'll be sure to edit this.
Slightly different from others in the style, but nothing super unique.).
I would not pick this for casual everyday use because it is very classy and elegant.I would wear it for the office if I have important meetings or a job interview, for a date if I want to project myself as a powerful woman, for an event or after office cocktail.In my personal opinion, the scent does not match the idea of "sensuality" as the TV Ad suggests.It opens up just as it did when I first sprayed it at the store: a quick blast of, basically, lemon meringue pie.For now though, I'm just left with a decent cologne that I sort of regret spending.This is not suitable for a teen at all.I threw it an "I like it" rating because I definitely don't dislike it, but I don't quite like it either.

I'm just not blown away by the fragrance.
So basically, I did a blind buy.
In summary: Longevity: 7 to 8 hours for.