Ultra Mobile Data Plus Plans Upgraded With More Data and International Calling Ultra Mobile announced today that they upgraded their Data Plus plans to include unlimited international calling to Hong Kong bringing the number of countries you can call with unlimited talk. .
The brand offers various monthly-prepaid plans in the form of multi-month plans and a family plan.
Data Packages, ultra Mobile has a 19 plan word 2016 promo code that comes with 100 MB of high-speed data.
The increased data however, is at 3G speeds.Starting at 19 every plan.Now the prepaid carrier is kicking off the Foxtober stanford inn mendocino discount (their mascot is a cute fox) campaign which offers discounts on their 3-month plans.Incoming text messages are free if they originate from covered countries.The international roaming credit does not expire, and a user can buy more in increments.When bought by the month the plan includes just 1GB of data. .Micro and standard SIMs are available on the site as well as on eBay and Amazon for just 1 cent with free shipping.General GSM Data Settings.

With VoLTE, users experience faster call connections as well as better quality voice calls than traditional cellular audio.
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The plan costs 22 for a month, 35 for a couple of months, 45 for three months and 50 for four months.
Read More, joe Paonessa - Apr 10, 2017.Calls to the extra numbers not covered with a plan are subjected to pay per minute rates.If users lack sufficient funds to renew their services, the services are suspended.Ultra Mobile hopes to expand its business by offering its products in over 6000 7-eleven stores as reported. .No contract or activation fees involved.