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Natural Jute.
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The color ribbons are varying widths, adding dimension to the look of the rug.
PurposeplpDesk, new_arrivalsN, collectionChindi, isclearanceN, size_var10x14:10' x 2x3:2' x 3x5:3' x 4x6:4' x 5x8:5' x 6x9:6' x 8x10:7' 6" x 9' 9x12:9' x Oversize:12' x Runner:2' 6" x seanbohemian, 7001, HBD35, NEW50, reversiblerug, RUG35, 7017, AmazonNuLoomDSCategory, 17254, DesignCatBraided, ML171026E, 16003, reviews_product_score4.79, internal3months88520.52, short_titleBraided Rug, titleChindi Multi.PurposeplpDesk, uid200hjmrc1A-V, measurements10 8:foot, 12foot, 15 6ft, 8ft, 14 6:ft, 14:feet, 10x14x15x6x8x9x10x12ft, 14 12:ft, 6foot, 9 12 15, 10x14x15x6x8x9x10x12:ft, 12 10x14x15x6x8x9x10x12foot, 9, 10 10x14x15x6x8x9x10x12:feet, 8feet, 12:feet, 9 12 14ft, 15:feet, 15foot, 9:foot, 10x14x15x6x8x9x10x12 15:ft, 9 12, 6 10:foot, 9feet, 6:foot, 9:ft, 12ft, 10x14x15x6x8x9x10x12 10ft, 14foot.PurposeplpDesk, new_arrivalsN, collectionMarrakesh, isclearanceN, size_var10x14:10' x 3x5:3' x 4x6:4' x 5x8:5' x 6x9:6' x 8x10:8' x 9x12:9' x Oversize:12' x Runner:2' 8" x 14568, HBD35, 20160624MOR, NEW50, RUG35, 12548, AmazonNuLoomDSCategory, 14025, reviews_product_score4.38, internal3months66470.07, short_titleShag Rug, titleMarrakesh Natural Shag Rug, baseprice322.2351, base_colorNatural, bestselling3m66470.07, HBD35, NEW50, RUG35.The 100 polypropylene rug is easy to maintain, feels great underneath your feet and works well for bedroom, living room and dining room., nameBosphorus Aqua Misty Olden Herati Rug, brandRugs USA, addToCartUrlml, sku200rzbd19A-V, product_type_unigramrug, min_age456, room_imageg?Every week, m outlines specific deals that can save customers a considerable amount of money.This rug is woven from Polypropylene and evokes a spa-like aura in any room throughout your home., nameVenice Cream Shaggy Curves Rug, brandRugs USA, addToCartUrlml, sku200ozsg08A-V, product_type_unigramrug, c1615816f18a, min_age456, room_imageg?PurposeplpDesk, uid200rzbd38A-V, 5:feet, 2:ft, 2:foot, 8ft, 12:ft, 12 9 2feet, 7foot, 9, 12 5 12 14ft, 9 7:feet, 5:ft, 5 9 12, 9feet, 2 2x3x5x8x6x7x12x9x14x10x12x9 5foot, 10ft, 10feet, 3:foot, 8:feet, 2, 5:foot, 3ft, 7ft, 2:feet, 8:ft, 14:foot, 2x3x5x8x6x7x12x9x14x10x12x9, 14:ft, 2foot, 7feet, 3 3,.

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PurposeplpDesk, new_arrivalsN, collectionBermuda, isclearanceN, size_var10x14:10' 6" x 4x6:4' x 5x8:5' 3" x 7' 6x9:6' 7" x 8x10:8' x 9x12:9' x Runner:2' 8" x 14568, HBD35, NEW50, RUG35, 12548, ML171026C, AmazonNuLoomDSCategory, 11647, reviews_product_score4.52, internal3months47829.34, short_titleDouble Diamond Shag Rug, titleBermuda White Double Diamond Shag Rug, baseprice162.3486, base_colorWhite.
The plush, soft rug features stripes of complementing colors that run width-wise across the rug.
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PurposeplpDesk, new_arrivalsN, collectionMaui, isclearanceN, size_var10x14:10' x 2x3:2' 3" x 3x5:3' x 4x6:4' x 5x8:5' x 6x9:6' x 8x10:8' x 9x12:9' x 20161227bestseller, 7001, HBD35, 11350, NEW50, RUG35, 7017, AmazonNuLoomDSCategory, HBD50, 11265, reviews_product_score4.59, internal3months84180.04, short_titleJute Braided Rug, titleMaui Off White Jute Braided Rug, baseprice198.5934, base_colorOff White.PurposeplpDesk, new_arrivalsN, collectionRadiante, isclearanceN, size_var10x14:9' 6" x 13' 2x3:2' x 3x5:3' x 4x6:4' x 5x8:5' x 6x9:6' x 8x10:7' 6" x 9' 9x12:8' 6" x 11' Oversize:12' x Runner:2' 6" x 7005, HBD35, NEW50, RUG35, ML171026C, 20160714TRE, AmazonNuLoomDSCategory, 13520, ML171026B, 11271, reviews_product_score4.71, internal3months45376.32, short_titleMod Trellis.PurposeplpDesk, new_arrivalsN, collectionTracce, isclearanceN, size_var10x14:10' x 3x5:3' x 4x6:5' 5x8:5' 3" x 7' 6x9:6' x 8x10:8' x 9x12:9' x Oversize:12' x Runner:2' 8" x HBD35, NEW50, RUG35, ML171026C, 7003, Vintage, AmazonNuLoomDSCategory, ML171026B, 16128, reviews_product_score4.57, internal3months76451.66, short_titleDistressed Foggy Medallion Rug, titleTracce Blue Distressed Foggy Medallion Rug.Click for details and disclosures.PurposeplpDesk, new_arrivalsN, collectionEdessa, isclearanceN, size_var10x14:10' x 3x5:3' x 4x6:4' x 5x8:5' x 7' 6x9:6' 7" x 9' 8x10:8' x 9x12:9' x Runner:2' 6" x HBD50, NEW50, RUG35, 7014, ML171026C, 10084, Vintage, AmazonNuLoomDSCategory, 17783, reviews_product_score4.54, internal3months46549.7, short_titleOlden Tribal Medallion Fringe Rug, titleEdessa Rust Olden Tribal Medallion.PurposeplpDesk, uid200binb03A-V, measurements10 8:foot, 5:feet, 12foot, 15 6ft, 8ft, 14 6:ft, 14:feet, 14 6foot, 12:ft, 15, 9 12 5 9, 12 10 5, 5 12:feet, 8feet, 14ft, 9 12 15:feet, 9:foot, 15foot, 5:ft, 5 15:ft, 6 9 12, 10:foot, 9feet, 9:ft, 6:foot, 12ft, 5foot, 10ft.It is available in Red Multi, Brown Multi, Grey Multi and Blue Multi color options., nameKeno Blue Multi Striped Shaggy Rug, brandRugs USA, addToCartUrlml, sku200hjzom1B-V, product_type_unigramrug, min_age456, room_imageg?PurposeplpDesk, new_arrivalsN, collectionBosphorus, isclearanceN, size_var10x14:10' x 2x3:2' x 3x5:3' x 4x6:4' x 5x8:5' x 7' 6x9:6' 7" x 8x10:8' x 9x12:9' x Oversize:12' x Runner:2' 8" x 7005, back2school, HBD35, NEW50, RUG35, ML171026C, AmazonNuLoomDSCategory, 13520, ML171026E, 15779, reviews_product_score4.76, internal3months62484.85, short_titleAbstract Waterfall Rug, titleBosphorus Blue Abstract.Expires CDT See sale Sale Coupon Verified!Available in subtle colors and delicate pattern in runner and rectangles forms, this rug is a wool-cotton mix that makes it soft and luxurious under the feet., nameSierra Ivory Paddle Rug, brandRugs USA, addToCartUrlml, sku200mtsf01A-V, product_type_unigramrug, min_age456, room_imageg?