the gifted 2018

Ritdha High School, the school that not only has gifted students but also the "Gifted Program a gifted class with only a handful of "special" students were chosen to study in this program.
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Related Content, the Gifted (Original Story native Title: Also Known As: The Gifted Series, The Gifted Students, The Gifted, directors: O Patha Thongpan, Sand Dhammarong Sermrittirong, Waasuthep Ketpetch, Dome Jarupat Kannula.Eventually, they figure out that this Gifted Program is unleashing something about their "potential" in themselves to be awaken.Weekly MyDramaList Support Goal 77, help Support MyDramaList, top Contributors, news Articles.Their gift is about to reveal a secret that this school tries to hide.Summer 2018 Dramas Preview: What's Hot In Dramaland?He and his new friends in the class started to feel that there is something strange about this class.Unfortunately Pang a 10th-grade student from lowest class suddenly passed the Gifted placement test for unknown reason.Their lives are about to change, when great power that fulfill all their dreams come with troubles.His entrance to the Gifted Program was filled with confusion.Win a Japanese Snack box today!" - Sumit "Highly user friendly interface.

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