How to masterpark aaa discount perform Hands-Only CPR on a child (1 year) or adult.
The video below will show the AED process on an adult.
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The quicker you get the defibrillator hooked up to the victim, the higher chance he/she has for survival.
If you are trained in CPR and are willing to perform rescue breaths, then you should ef collection promo code perform conventional CPR (compressions rescue breaths) on a victim.Coco Keys Fitchburg Ma Promo Code 2018.Remember to always call 9-1-1 first.Promo code for the CPR/AED Course : cpraed Promo code for the CPR/BLS Course : cprbls Promo code for the First Aid Course : faid Promo code for the CPR First Aid Combo Course : combo Promo code for the Bloodborne Pathogens Course : bpath.(more) Categories: BLS, CPR, First Aid, Good Samaritan Laws Tags: BLS, CPR, first aid, Good Samaritan Laws December 17, 2015 by American BLS BLS Stands for Basic Life Support.If not, perform Hands-Only CPR.It is a set of techniques used on a victim to help maintain the victims life.You found the right place.

While one person is performing CPR, another person should locate the AED.
However, only 46 of victims actually receive CPR during cardiac arrest.
Updates will be issued as they are discovered so its important to stay informed and constantly renew and review your training.
Why should I get involved?CPR certification for teachers is very important and should be considered even if it is not mandatory in your district.The course includes AED training and is offered online.If the victim is unresponsive after the seizure, then you can start to perform CPR.Perform chest compressions Place the heel of your hand on the center of the chest, midway between the nipples.7 off 43, code: Activate.One pad is placed on the chest and the other on the back with the heart between them.Online courses at American BLS use a combination of text, videos, animations and pictures to teach the curriculum and after you complete the test, you are given a 25 question CPR quiz to test your knowledge.If they cant respond, approval is assumed and you should start abdominal thrusts immediately.After you pass the course and test, you are eligible to receive your CPR certification online.