The only criteria for claiming it are: 1) Your PV system is less than 100kW in size.
However, if demand for solar panels goes up and the STC price drops.50 again, youd only be able to claim a rebate of under 900 for the exact same system.
Heat pumps are a different form of solar hot water that doesnt require panels on your budget rental canada coupon code roof.
You will not qualify for any Government-based financial recompense at the completion of any process relating to STCs.
How low could the subsidy go?You will get a proportionally bigger rebate for larger systems.Look for the number in the box in the bottom RH corner labeled: STC.I wrote an entire blog post explaining this process here.The rebate applies only to solar hot water systems that replace electric systems and attract at least 20 RECs under the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target.M oney, t he, g overnment, a rranges F or Y ou T o G et T o R educe T he U p F ront C ost O f Y our S olar S ystem the mtgafytgrtufcoyss scheme.We respect your privacy.5) You (or more likely your installer) sell the STCs to the filthy fossil fuel generators and use the cash 10 year old boy christmas gift ideas 2015 to offset the upfront cost of the solar system purchase.

Do you own or rent your home?
(If you are confused by this talk of kWs then there is a good explanation here ) So how much does this mean you will have to pay for a solar PV system?
Partially Shaded, shaded most of the day, not sure!
Other things you should know about the subsidy 1) The amount of solar panel rebate you can claim depends on where you live: The lower the number the more subsidy cash you get!Keep in mind that adding the system cost to your mortgage can be surprisingly affordable if you take rising electricity costs into account there is a solar payback calculator here for you to make your own mind.6) The STC price is a bit like a share price it fluctuates on the open market depending on supply and demand.They will vary by a few thousand either way depending on the brand of panels and inverters each supplier uses, and their overheads, but if these prices are way out of your expectations, then solar panels may not be for you right now.Select your utility provider!The FiT is a State Government subsidy in which some states pay you for the electricity that your solar system will export to the grid.The amount of subsidy is based on the size of a system (amount of water produced) and performance.