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EQB : Ecce quam bonum ; Behold how good!; the short form of the official University Latin motto taken from Psalm 133:1, Ecce quam bonum et quam iucundum habitare fratres in unum (Behold how good and joyful it is for brethren to dwell together in unity).
Night Study as a formal place came to an end a few years ago, but lives on in a 24/7 Academic Technology Center with computer lab access and occupying a portion of the Night Study space.
Clurg : affectionate name for McClurg, Sewanees central dining hall; the guttural-sounding word is a great contrast to the finger-licking good food thats served here.
Lessons and Carols : popular name of the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols held in All Saints Chapel the first Saturday and Sunday of December; liturgy, in its fourth decade, often featured on television and in magazines.The heathens may refer to then football rival Vanderbilt, which would date the cheer in the 1890s.ATC, the : the Academic Technology Center on the first floor of the DuPont library, stock full with dozens of Macs, PCs, and printers; open 24/7 to students and houses the Writing Center and Technology Lab.Angel : also Sewanee angel or getting your angel; refers to the practice of touching the roof of the vehicle you are riding in as you pass through the gates of the Domain; angels are released (by touching the roof again) when you return.Sewanee Review : the prestigious and internationally acclaimed literary journal published by the University; said to be the oldest literary quarterly in continuous publication in the United States Sewanee : familiar name for the University of the South; the name of the town where the.Down with the heathens.

C21 : the way we indicate your class year in the College;.g., Jon Meacham, C91.
Cross, the : the War Memorial Cross, good food digital gift card originally erected on the western bluff of the Domain, honors of those Sewanee soldiers who served in the nations wars; in the 1980s, its tribute was extended to include all of Franklin County.
Headless gownsman : one of many popular Sewanee ghosts; last seen in 1988 marching in procession for Founders Day Convocation.Love in the Ruins ; said to have contained a birch grove sacred to Native Americans.MCC, the : the Ayres Multicultural Center; half-residence, half event space; hosts performances, lectures, and discussions regarding Sewanee students vibrant and diverse backgrounds.Up with the Church.Mountain, the : a casual way of referring to the Domain and to the life of the University; newcomers are often welcomed to the Mountain.Gates, the : a reference to the stone gates where Highway 41A enters and exits the Domain; the point at which Sewanee angels are pulled down or put back.