The sponsor can also be rewarded independantly for the subscription of his friends.
Customizable labels for displaying the status of rewards in the customer account.
Option to choose if the reward will be calculated based on the order amount VAT included or VAT excluded Minimum for the sponsored friend's order (you can choose if shipping is included or not) below which the sponsor does not receive a reward.Your customers will be able to buy products directly with their rewards from the product page, or the products lists pages, without having to transform them into vouchers first.This prestashop module allows to set up a complete system of rewards in your shop to increase SEO and reputation thanks to the virality of the system, and to follow very precisely the performance.Product C gives no reward.Send email to the administrator when someone "Like" or "Unlike" your shop.Automatic deactivation of that module.Do not update the module's version number.More customers are talking about your site, more they earns in return.Show more, preview, tags: community crosspost vkontakte, community vk prestashop, community widget vkontakte, facebook, group vkontakte prestashop, prestashop vk, social discount tire in weslaco tx media vkontakte, vk poster group, m, m prestashop, vkontakte autopost, vkontakte group prestashop, vkontakte prestashop, vkontakte widget, vkontakte widget boxSee all tags 18 1 SalesLast.

Reminder email with available amount in the rewards account can be automatically sent.
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Option to choose the redirection of the sponsorship link (subscription form, CMS page or none) Recognition of spontaneous inscriptions, without prior invitation.Send email to the customer, sponsor(s) and admin on validation, modification or cancellation of the reward.Create a pull request for your changes on the 'dev' branch of the module's project.Wait for one of the core developers either to include your change in the codebase, or to comment on possible improvements you should make to your code.Multi-level sponsorship, with parameters defined by reward levels, and number of levels limited or unlimited.