Flowers or potted plants.
Games and other activities for indoor recess.
Scan art, and print onto a sheet of big cousin gift ideas labels, or have kids draw directly onto individual labels.This running belt will help your husband keep his hotel room key card secured while he runs on the streets of whatever town hes visiting.Apple iPod Shuffle Your husband will love having all his favorite tunes with him on his trips.It seems to me people have great intentions when it comes to less materialism and more saving, but once the holiday spirit is upon us, most tend to lose focus. .If someone asked you to pick out a gift for one of your close girlfriends, you could probably slam dunk it in a heartbeat.He can see emails, texts and calendar reminders as long as he has a compatible smartphone.Make some phone calls for a class field trip.

Be prepared though, if you give it to him, hell probably actually use.
Brian loves cars, hes going to love this remote controlled do-hickey or I have to get that doll for Susie before they are all gone and Danny cant be the only child without this new contraption or the most common We want to give our.
It will track his bat speed and angle, as well as other information he can use to improve his game.Last year we did a multiple day Christmas. .Giving of your time or to those less fortunate.Whether you get a couple of tennis rackets and make plans to hit the court together or you get luggage for that dream trip youve always wanted to go on, include yourself in his plans.There's no better gift for a teacher or neighbor than cookies or candy packaged in a keepsake tin.Rechargeable Hand Warmers When your husband spends a lot of time outside during the winter months, hell make good use of this hand warmer.Children can use the shape of their hand to create a batch of holiday cookies for loved ones.