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An employer may request, in writing, that the administrator waive the hearing before the administrator or the administrator's designee.
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All fines collected for a violation of discount infant formula this section shall be paid to the general fund of the political subdivision where the case is prosecuted.No award shall be made under this division based upon a percentage of disability which, when taken with all other percentages of permanent disability, exceeds one hundred per cent.(H) "Private employer" means an therapy discount code employer as defined in division (B 2) of this section.The secretary of state shall keep a record of such process and the day and hour of the service thereof upon him.Any change in benefit amounts is effective with respect to injuries sustained, occupational diseases contracted, and deaths occurring during the calendar year for which adjustment is made.(C) A board of county commissioners described in division (G) of section 4123.01 of the Revised Code, as an employer, that will abide by the rules of the administrator and that may be of sufficient financial ability to render certain the payment of compensation.

The administrator shall determine and certify for the office of budget and management that rate or rates which, when applied to the gross payroll estimate, will produce an amount equal to the estimated cost of awards or claim payments to be made during the like.
The administrator may adopt rules to establish an administrative fee for those periodic payments.
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(A) The jurisdiction of the industrial commission and the authority of the administrator of workers' compensation over each case is continuing, and the commission may make such modification or change with respect to former findings or orders with respect thereto, as, in its opinion.Beginning July 1, 1991, the rental payments to be made under each such lease agreement shall include the amount needed to amortize the construction or acquisition costs for the building over a period not to exceed twenty-five years, and, until such costs are amortized,.(2) Whenever a handicapped employee is injured or disabled or dies as a result of an injury or occupational disease and the administrator finds that the injury or occupational disease would have been sustained or suffered without regard to the employee's pre-existing impairment but that.With an Acronis True Image Coupon, you could save when you purchase this powerful back up utility.The list shall specify each employee's state of residence for the five years prior to the investment manager's request.If an objection is timely made, the application for a subsequent determination shall be referred to a district hearing officer who shall set the application for a hearing with written notice to all interested persons.