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Ermenshrew Blathereen is revealed to have led a talent agency on this planet.
108 Delphon is a planet where the natives communicate with their eyebrows, first mentioned in Spearhead from Space.
118 Discurus is another planet that was destroyed by planet Zanak.
255 256 Minyos is the original homeworld of the Minyans, and Minyos II is where they settle at the end of the serial Underworld.Hulke, Malcolm (writer) ; Russell, Paddy (director) (12 January 16 February 1974).The native Ockorans were hunted by beings from Kalaya, and surgically baltimore aquarium membership promo code 2014 altered themselves to become a warrior race known as the Selachians.58 Calufrax Minor is mentioned in " The Stolen Earth " as one of the 27 planets taken by Davros.13 14 Amanopia is the homeworld of a race blue humanoids that trade body parts and of an enemy known as Sou Til.First seen on screen in a cliffhanger at the end of An Unearthly Child, 331 which led into The Daleks, where it was shown more substantially, 329 Skaro was the first planet other than Earth to appear in Doctor Who.148 216 Riftan Five is the home planet of the mercenary Lytton, mentioned in Attack of the Cybermen.364 The third moon of Grundle was home to the voracious Drashigs.27 The Mayflower, a colony ship seen in the Doctor Who Monthly comic strip "Profits of Doom was headed to settle Arcadia.57 Magellan is a planet visited by the Fifth Doctor in the Doctor Who Monthly / The Official Doctor Who Magazine comic strip "The Moderator".(writer) ; Jones, Ron (director) (26 January 3 February 1984).181 182 Hurala is a planetoid that hosted a Lodestar station, a stopping off point for travellers to more distant planets.

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193 Kapteyn 5 is a planet mentioned in the Virgin New Adventures, which is home to more than sixty sentient species including butterfly-people 194 and avian messengers.
225 It is also mentioned in the Ninth Doctor episode " Bad Wolf ".
Citation needed In " The Long Game a reference is also made to the University of Mars.A b Holmes, Robert (writer) ; Bennett, Rodney (director) (25 January 15 February 1975).104 210 Kylos is another planet mentioned in The Space Museum.148 The Mobox homeworld was visited in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip "Uroboros".22 Calliopticon is the home planet to the dwarf people race, the Meticons.58 Quinnis is a planet in the 'Fourth Universe' visited by the First Doctor and Susan as referenced in the serial The Edge of Destruction.It is said to have diamond coral reefs 100 and is presumed by whom?379 Uranus is the seventh planet in the solar system.It is often referred to as the Paradise Planet.