Killer Whales - Killing Other Whales National Geographic News (March 2003).
Part of a series of Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Adventures, this special traces the Gray Whale migration from Alaska to Baja California and back.
Blue Whales spotted in Monterey loch fyne cobham vouchers Bay (ksbw, February 14, 2013) January 2013 - Killer Whales hunting dolphins in Monterey Bay Killer whales seen attacking dolphins in Monterey Bay (Monterey County Herald, January 14, 2013) Killer whales on the hunt in the Monterey Bay (Santa Cruz.
That's why we are considered the best of the whale watches in Monterey Bay!Watching's better than killing, says man who's done both Dolphin World (Oct.Diving whale stars in amazing Monterey Bay Sunset photo - Pete Thomas Outdoors - Sunset Humpbacks!For 25, get onboard with Blue Ocean Whale Watching to see these magnificent creatures through August, regularly.Discovery Channel's Animal Planet featured Monterey Bay Whale Watch in the television show Caught in the Moment, Episode Seven: Monterey Bay.May 6, 2018 - Nancy Black and Monterey Bay Whale Watch were featured in Santa Cruz Sentinel article, Unusual number of killer whales sighted on Monterey Bay.

Photos by Daniel Bianchetta, Nancy Black and Sebastian Gorgol.
The BBC film "Killer Whale: Killer Culture" was featured on the Discovery Channel on September 14, 15 and 21, 2004.
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PBS and BBC presented BIG blue live, a Three-Part live Television Event showcasing marine life along America's West Coast, including Monterey Bay.For details see Caught in the Moment on the Animal Planet website.It was on Atlantis.Joshua Horwitz is the author of War Of The Whales, which narrates the battle between conservationists and the.S.Home Page Monterey Bay Whale Watch offers year-round whale watching trips to observe the spectacular diversity and abundance of whales and dolphins inhabiting the Bay.Our whale watching trips are educationally oriented and our biologists collect money gift card holder valuable data on the marine mammals sighted during these trips, including distribution, relative abundance, and behavior of whales and dolphins.Natures fury displayed when killer whales hunt on Monterey Bay (Santa Cruz Sentinel, January 2017) October 2016 - Suzi Eszterhas photographs a mom/pup pair of sea otters She's otter-ly devoted!