Purchase does not increase odds of winning.
Players must be over 18 to take part in any PokerStars School Promotion.
If it's 5 minutes down the road, is it worth an hour of my time to deal with their spiel till I get the tv?
The sales lady said she will take the feedback back to the owner, so hopefully they spend their advertising dollars in the future on promoting their services, instead of giving false hope to people who believe they won something of value.
To determine prize won, customer must match their confirmation code located on front of this mailer with the confirmation code posted at the dealership.".A) Once you have won the Progressive Jackpot, we will first review your account via PokerStars Security, and it should take no more than 48 hours to receive your prize.Winning numbers will be posted at the event.Progressive Jackpot FAQ, q) If I have never made a deposit on PokerStars can I win the Progressive Jackpot?They can show me all their fancy new cars but sorry, it ain't happenin.

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Sharing experiences, tips, highlight reel, travelling as a family, and real life all of it, with the hope of reaching out and connecting with Edmonton area parents.
Please Note : Only players who have made a real money deposit on PokerStars will be eligible to win the Progressive Jackpot.
Q) How does the Progressive Jackpot increase?Q) Why is the Jackpot only 25 of the total?The company seems to have good marriott rewards customer reviews from actual customers, a home filtration system from any company is not cheap, and most people cant afford this or arent that interested, so this is definitely the reason they trick you into coming into your home,.I asked if winners are announced somewhere to show the legitimacy of the advertising and she said yes, on the Facebook page, but upon looking there, it looks like there were about 3 winners over the lifetime of the company (which they said has been.The more players who use the Bonus, the higher the Jackpot will grow.No consideration will be considered for subsequent installations.A) As a bonus we wanted the prizes to be fair for everyone: 25 goes to the winner, 50 towards the next jackpot in order to keep it topped up, and 25 goes towards the Jackpot Freebuy Tournament.

Each time a new player makes their first deposit using the Scratch Bonus plug-in, 5 will be added by PokerStars School, to the Progressive Jackpot.
The Jackpot prize is broken down as below 25 is awarded to the Winner.