Scented Sugars in a jar via Martha Stewart, bath Fizzes in a jar via Martha Stewart.
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Slow Cooker Apple Butter in a Jar The great thing about this jar is that its filled with apple butter youve made using your slow cooker.Beeswax Poinsettia Candles in a Jar These candles are shaped to look like a poinsettia flower, and theyre made using common jars that you can buy at any craft store.Please remember to click on the links for a full tutorial.Homemade special gifts online Gift Ideas in a Wrapper.Homemade Pancake Mix in a Jar Nothing beats fresh homemade pancakes, except for when you make the pancake mix from scratch.You may also like: 27 fabulous Peppermint Recipes Best thing I did last Christmas!This jar simplifies that by putting all of the required ingredients in one place, and breaking down the directions into simple steps.Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub in a Jar You wont believe how easy it is to make this rosemary mint sugar scrub, and you might end up making a little extra just so you can have some for yourself.These instructions show you how to make your own vanilla extract, and also how to present it in a way that is special, and gift worthy.

This jar comes with plenty of hot chocolate powder and marshmallows, and has a little something extra to pour.
You dont actually have to be an artist to make the snowman heads, you just need a specific type of writing utensil that is food safe.
But youll get over it, rushcard check deposit promo code and theyll love it, and likely wont know that you didnt spend all day.
Cinnamon Applesauce Heart ornaments via Katy Elliott, homemade Gift Ideas using a wick.Snowmen Hot Cocoa in a Jar.The same paint can be used on wood, plastic, fabric, glass, etc.Everything in a Jar, this is a trio dot com gift shop sale of jars that shows you how to give them everything all in jars.Christmas Salts via Beach Cottage, sewing Kit in a Jar via Frugalicious Me, christmas in a Jar via Dandee.

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Theyre made with beeswax, so youll want to make sure that youre not giving this gift to a vegan, but most everyone else should appreciate it as a very unique and pretty gift.