The.450 Marlin, by Chuck Hawks, illustration courtesy of Hornady Mfg.
ME from a 26" barrel.
Hornady technicians developing reloading data for the.460 Wby.The trajectory of the new cartridge is such that, if fired from a scoped Marlin lever action at a MV of 2000 fps, the 350 grain Hornady bullet can be zeroed as follows:.1" high at 50 yards,.9" high at 100 yards, and.8".The maximum COL.34" and the bullet diameter.458".Mag.,.450 Rigby,.458 Lott,.460 Wby.The.450 Marlin was introduced to make high pressure.45-70 (P) performance available in a saami standardized cartridge.The purpose of the belt is simply to prevent chambering.450 Marlin cartridge.45-70 rifle.This is a non-belted, rimless, bottleneck case with a small, but very sharp, 45 degree shoulder to maintain proper headspace.Lbs., but has been discontinued.Current Hornady factory loads use a 325 grain FTX bullet (SD.221) at a MV of 2225 fps and ME of 3572.These come with a 300 grain JHP bullet at 2000 fps/2684.

1 and Ruger.
The Hornady 350 grain bullets can be driven to a MV of 1600 fps.9 grains rose gold birthday gifts of H4198, and to a MV of 2000 fps by a maximum load.9 grains of H4198.
Use 350-450 grain bullets for the largest predators and 465-500 grain bullets for thick-skinned game.
Heavier (and thus longer) bullets must be seated very deep in the case to feed through the modern Marlin 1895 lever action, unduly restricting powder space.1, Browning/Winchester 1885 High Wall, etc.).It served the military bacati coupon code until it was replaced by the.30-40 Krag smokeless powder cartridge in 1892.This rifle was also equipped with a muzzle brake!The MAP is 53,701 CUP.The rim diameter.579 the belt diameter.603" and the head diameter immediately forward of the belt.582".

Most subsequent.458-.475 caliber dangerous game cartridges have been designed to approximately duplicate the ballistics of the.450.
These loads develop up to 50,000 CUP and must not be used in other.45-70 rifles, including modern lever actions (Marlin, Henry, Winchester, etc.).
The original load used a 480 grain bullet (SD.327) at a muzzle velocity of 2150 fps and muzzle energy (ME) of 4930.