At times, Ken add apple store gift card to itunes got along very well his brother and even showed admiration for him, especially when lesara voucher code uk they went out to the balcony to blow bubbles together.
However, as the Dark Spore developed and continued to influence him, Ken became heartless towards society, viewing everyone around him as pathetic insects beneath his notice.
Contents show, appearance, before 2000, Ken is a very small boy with pale skin, messy dark blue hair and blue eyes.
Armor Evolution to the Unknown On Spring 2003, Ken reminisces about his brother, the mistakes of his past, and how happy and thankful he is now.Japanese surname that means "first temple".Ken was devastated following the accident, suffering from strong feelings of guilt because he felt that he'd somehow caused Sam's death by his "wish".If you have any questions, please review our privacy policy or email us at email protected.

In 2002, Ken's hair is straight and rather long, reaching his chin in the front and slightly shorter in the back.
The next day, Daemon and his Daemon Corps begin to appeared in Tokyo, and wreaks havoc while seeking Ken and the Dark Spore.
Digimon Tamers: Brave Tamer Ken is one of the DigiDestined Ryo has the option of rescuing.Then the Mysterious Man appears, turns off the 02 Digidestined's life support and states that they can save them by sending them back to the human world but that should they do so, the lab will explode and that only one pod remains, meaning only.He is shown wearing the summer version of the Tamachi Elementary School uniform: a white short-sleeved button-up shirt with the school symbol on the left breast tucked into grey pants, with black shoes.A Very Digi-Christmas, outside, he wears a white scarf.He wears a long black military trenchcoat with a yellow trim and a red extended collar with a matching shoulder pads, at the back of his trenchcoat it was gray and the interior of his coat birthday gift for girl 2 years old is red.