If youve taken photo booth pics this year this makes a great way to display them.
Evenly distribute the tea leaves inside the heart.
Once youre happy with your sketch, carefully trace it with the Sharpie.
Breakfast in Bed Everyone loves breakfast and bed, and you ancestry gift voucher uk can make it extra special for her how many super bowls did the cowboys win with this plate adornment.
It's best to do this from the paper side instead of the plastic contact paper side.As long as the contact paper is wet, it isn't sticky.Ready for a personal message for your special loved ones.Tell the light of your life how much he means with this DIY valentine light bulb decoration.Your size for this will depend on your card size and how many scratch offs you want.Remove one and peel off the paper and stick it down, repeat with the rest.While this is drying, create your card. .Burnish or rub the contact paper to the inked parts of the photocopy.He Holds the Key to My Heart.Valentine Art, this is a very distinctive piece of artwork, and something that you can keep up on the wall long after Valentines has come and gone.Pixel Heart Necklace, this adorable DIY gift is pixel perfect for the valentine whos into the old 8-bit games and 80s style revival.If you use this size, size your photographs to fit on a 2" high.5" long strip.

9, a print-at-home love potion label turns your favorite beverage into a romantic gift thats also a big hit at your Valentines Day party.
This will be the pillow itself.
Memory Candles By Inspired Ideas Mag Supplies: Black and white photocopies Transparent contact paper to transfer images Glass votive candleholders Instructions: The first thing you want to do is find images that you want to use.
Nothing says I love you like a one-of-a-kind gift youve made with your own two hands.
Vintage Love Notes By Holy Craft Supplies: Vintage glassine stamp envelopes Twine Stamp Note cards Instructions: Create a set of note cards that fit perfectly inside the envelopes.Valentine Wreath, this wreath has a lot going on, but its totally the sort of thing that shell be into on Valentines Day.Photo Puzzle This puzzle gives her something to do while you distract her with kisses and cuddles.It shows her that you think those pictures are special enough to make a card out.When you photocopy the image, play around with the contrast and resolution controls on the copier to get the results you desire.Twisted ribbon is then circled around center, hot glue last turn underneath rosette created."Sock" it to Him By Darling Doodles Supplies: A basket or gift bag Slippers (as many as you want) Socks (as many as you want) Any foot items you want to put in such as nail clippers, lotion, foot powder, foot scrub Coupon for.Candy and Nut Mustache Canister By plaid plaid Supplies: FolkArt Enamels Berry Wine,.Embellish the package with a length of narrow velvet ribbon and a stamped tag.

You know deep down in her soul shes wish youll give her a homemade Valentines Day gift.
You have to follow it up by cooking her a dinner and setting the table with the utensils in this holder.
Tear the tape in half lengthwise. .