gymnastics prize money

Elizabeth of Hungary - Giver of Charity, Patroness of Hospitals Baron Lorand Eotvos - Mathematician: Developed one of the first steps towards relativity theory.
Time 's Man of the Year for 1998!
Personality Three Emmy Awards in the 1956-57 TV season.
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Joanna Rowsell Shand: Why do women get paid less in prize money?
Benjamin Lax - Electrical Engineer / Physicist: Founder and Director of Francis Bitter National Magnetic Laboratories (MIT Professor of Physics, Emeritus (MIT Semiconductor and magneto-optics pioneer; Radar Pioneer: developed the radar height and range finder and discovered radar meteorology.
Tivadar Csontvary (Kosztka) - Famed Painter : Picasso once chided Chagall that he could not produce a painting half as good as one of Csontvary's!
Johanne Tournier in Canada for her information and research on Béla Lugósi and contribution of Houdini!Elected as French Prime Minister!Producer, "Tele-Visionary Chairman of Hallmark Entertainment, the most prolific producer in TV history: multiple Emmy Award winner nike factory outlet discount code and 1999 Peabody Award winner Col.Designed the first rocket to reach interstellar space!Father of high-pressure liquid chromatography (hplc) Joseph Rudolph "Bronco" Horvath - All-Star Hockey Player Les Horvath - Football Player - Ohio State's First Heisman Trophy Winner Harry Houdini - The " Greatest Magician did san diego state win today on Earth, " Actor, Pioneer Pilot Alan Mackenzie Howard - Actor Leslie.