Another function of the Cryptaur token will be to reward users for active use of the ecosystem and contributions to its development (rewards include several types of crypto-paybacks, sharing-graces and team-bounces).
Peer-to-peer, the peer-to-peer principle of interaction within Cryptaur will allow all participants to interact directly.
Social Capital, management System.
The main function of the Cryptaur Pay Platform is to provide the "one-click" payment gateway with minimum transaction costs and maximum comfort to the users.
Cryptaur Utility, token, payments within the Cryptaur ecosystem will be effected loch fyne cobham vouchers in the system's own crypto-tokens-Cryptaurs (CPT, ERC20-compliant).The Cryptaur ecosystem will be deployed on the Ethereum platform.A proprietary engine for managing social capital is meant to ensure honest and respectable behaviors of the users, as well to materially reward users for behaviors that bring value to the whole Cryptaur community.User Rights, protection System, user rights-those of the suppliers and consumers - will be symmetrically protected by special heuristic program algorithms, global code of conduct, and user disputes settlement procedures enforced by the Cryptaur Arbitration Service.Cryptaur is to increase the efficacy of all social interactions by freeing them from all kinds of middlemen and making those interactions immediate, transparent, secure and mutually beneficial.It is further split into three sub-categories: Proof of Experience, Proof of Expertise and Proof of Expansion.

Blockchain, distributed blockchain ensures total transparency and verifiability of each transaction, including detailed product characteristics, its price structure, relevant circumstances of the sale, as well as reputational profiles of the sale parties.
The end-price of a product will only contain real production costs and a fair margin.
Under certain circumstances, restoring justice may entail application of reverse and forward crypto-paybacks and sharing-graces, and in exceptional cases-re-adjustment of earlier awarded team-bounces.This removes middleman-related costs.The Cryptaur ecosystem will be used by mass consumers, as well as service and product suppliers, from all around the world.To this end, the Proof of Contribution (PoC) algorithm will be used.This goal will be achieved by creating a fast blockchain-based decentralized ecosystem and organizing user interactions on the peer-to-peer basis.Cryptaur Pay Platform, users of all Cryptaur ecosystem's services will be able to make payments by using all payments options of their preference-fiat money, mainstream cryptocurrencies, Cryptaur tokens.

The price of a product or a service will be passed over to the seller in its entirety.
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