Electronics: Depending on how gadget-oriented your priest is, a new Bluetooth for his cell, an iPod or a new laptop might be welcome.
Lastly, sometimes it is ok not to get anything for the special religious in your life.
Also, you may think nuns wont appreciate a sporting event.
Sounds practical but a lot of religious dont have loads of money to spend on even the most practical things.More gifts in, for Priests "Everyone who thinks Vianney is already well known will find not simply new information, but what has new meaning." John Cardinal O'Connor.Music : Religious appreciate good music.Tickets to an Event : With tickets prices as high as they are, it is hard for large groups of religious to go out to see a play, a ballet or an opera.Work, vocation, passion and duty are all rolled into one.Coffee, Coffee and more, coffee : I am not a coffee drinker but most of my fellow sisters are and there is nothing they appreciate more than good coffee.6 letters to my Brother Priests by Pope John Paul II, every priest needs encouragement, support, and further formation.Maybe this Downton Abbey tea isnt for everyone but mmm it looks good and I know a lot of sisters who would appreciate.It is even more difficult to buy something for the person who has nothing (or very little).We live in a materialistic world that puts things before people, but sometimes just going out to coffee, sending sears outlet free shipping promo code a letter, or making a phone call is all that is really needed.If you have a Mass said for a religious, we appreciate.Recognizing that he is part of a birth family as well as a spiritual family is sure to touch his heart.

I have ever met.
Not to mention, most priests who have been ordained for even a few years usually have more than enough religious objects to open their own store.
Money : It may sound crass but any superior of any religious house will tell you that money is always appreciated for the normal things they have to worry about (e.g.
While subscriptions to Catholic magazines (like.
Prayers are not quid pro quo but believe you me, that guy got a lot of grateful prayers.But if you do want to get something special, I hope that this list helps you buy something that the special nun, priest or brother in your life will appreciate. .Tickets or gift cards to a movie theater would be a great gift for a whole convent or a group of religious.Books : A kind Twitter friend offered to buy me a book this Christmas and it really meant a lot.Paul through Amazon Smile.And of course buying music that is produced and sung by religious is a bonus.