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Most of the entire Looney Tunes cast of characters are great inexpensive valentine's day gifts Civilized Animals or Funny Animals, but there are a few Talking Animals as well.
Prince Charming thinks that he is going nuts when he sees the talking mice and sentient bluebirds in Cinderella III: A Twist in Time.
(The kangaroo from The Last Continent doesn't count, being a trickster-spirit in disguise.) Grimya, from Louise Cooper's Indigo series, is a sentient mutant wolf who usually poses as the heroine's guard dog.
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This comes from a Hadith in which Muhammad states that when frogs croak they are saying tasbeeh/praising God.There was also a rabbit with the same experiment as well but was only appeared once at the end of an episode and was never mentioned or seen again.Beagle 's Professor Gottesman and the Indian Rhinoceros, the rhinoceros talks.And occasionally complain about the instincts that were 'left in' by the Uplift Congress.9 Elefants has a talking cat named Eustache.It can be chalked up to that in the Disney world, kids can understand/communicate with animals, but adults can't.His pal Woodstock might surpass him except that we don't know what Woodstock says exactly.There's Fenris, talking rat and familiar to the wizard Erasmus, a fox who gives you some advice in the first game, and Manu the monkey in the third game.In the Danger 5 universe, apparently its commonplace for dogs to talk.Both are seen openly talking to/interacting with people outside the CIA/Smith family (Klaus interacts directly with Jeff, and Reginald and Hayley have gone out together in various public places and neither are ever reacted to as an oddity.Lesson Plan Source, education World.

In an earlier episode, Waddles and Soos switch bodies due to an experimental rug.
It's apparently a mutation caused by high ambient magic.
There are also talking and mechanically inclined rats, officially termed rattus faber, but more commonly and crudely called LBs.Then, he started to evolve into a character of its own after a few more commercials.Wizard School has Goatsie, a talking goat who is Graham's familiar and is obsessed with eating shoes.Edgar The Elephant has Edgar (a depressed elephant Edgar's Dad (An ill-tempered duck) and Edgar's Mom (a pink poodle) who are all animals that can inexplicably talk.In addition it is made clear that the dog in series is fairly intelligent and is sometimes seen with human accessories such as glasses and a cigar.They may even choose to talk to no one but a single human, who typically finds this very disturbing.