did roymoore win

Everything the constitution was supposed to get rid.
Do you support the women of Yesterday, Today Forever.
This place is ran by the psychopaths for a very long time.
That suppose to keep them from having too much power.And no one is taking attraction, ignoring all the laws.Shit is sickening that the people to hold the constitution is actually the ones constantly breaking the laws the rapist are forming rapist alliance's with in the 3 Branches #federalgovernment.Judges presidents #roymoore #kavanaugh #trump #billclinton #barackobama #hillaryclinton #joebiden #aaronpersky #richardwarrenroberts #georgewashington disneyland resort military discount 2016 #thomasjefferson #richardroberts etc #pizzagate they're all in.#pedophelia #pedogate.Nobody is fulfilling their duty as Child Molester's Run this country and everyone ignores to keep up with the facts.Rapist sticking up for other rapists A niece, A daughter, A sister, A cousin, A friend, A aunt, A crush, A fiancé, A Wife, A ex love of your life, A Mom.FBI CIA, Legislation, Executive, Judicial.#lmfaoo, as you can see, there's a pattern formulating.Who will win, Republican Roy Moore, or Democrat Doug Jones?Mr Moore Wien 3:37.Mr Moore - Wien.

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