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All sponsorships are considered on an individual basis so we do not have standard fees.We pro idee voucher will not be held responsible for any activity that takes place between users on this site.Raffles in the form of case opening this is the more popular type of raffle today.Theres actually some pretty good ones with cool graphics.What are you looking for when you decide to sponsor someone?The use of a provably fair system is essential for demonstrating to all players that everyone has an fair chance of winning and that we do not influence any game outcomes.We will not sponsor anyone who cannot provide proof of referrals made.

All raffle tickets smartbox moving promo code 2018 are per-raffle, and all bonuses (joining our Steam group etc.) can be claimed once per raffle.
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Theres a bunch of sites out there to fulfill your need if youre looking to open cases.
Subs/Followers: Link to media channel: Enquiry: Attachments: Please attach screenshots/proof of referrals made to other sites.Below this, youll find a list of the top CS:GO skin raffle websites right now.Do not excessively badger or harass other users.Explore new possibilities with VGO and have fun!There are generally two forms of raffles: Classic raffle (the one you know from real life).Whats great about this site is that the rewards are in the high end.You can win expensive skins and even knives by just buying a raffle ticket.To get VGO items, simply purchase them from a dedicated marketplace, such as OPSkins or other similar.

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This makes separating the good ones from the bad ones a hard task.