collection book rewards

Consuming heroes level up your Collection Book faster than the others.
Training Manuals Level 23 - Rare Ninja or Outlander Level 24 - Uncommon and does wish com have gift cards Rare Survivors Level 25 - Epic Survivor star wars season pass discount code Level V-Bucks Level 27 - 10 Pure Drops of Rain Level 28 - Rare Trap Level 29 - 5 Lightning in a Bottle Level.
Level Schematic Experience Level 40 Rare Survivor Level 41 Weapon Pack Level 42 3 Eyes Level 43 8 Training Manuals Level Hero Experience Level 45 Epic Survivor Level 46 2 Skill Points Level 47 14 Drops of Rain, 5 Lightning in a Bottle, 1 Eye.
Weapon or Shotgun, level 13 - Golden Llama, level Hero.Rewards, some of which, like Pure Drops of Rain, Lighting In A Bottle and.Level 6 - 500, v-Bucks, level 7 - 7 Pure Drops of Rain.Training Manuals, are used to help, evolve your characters.Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.We Are Not a Marketplace.Base XP, mythic, base XP, additional XP per Level, heroes n/a 5,770 8,350 16,375 50,000 66,000 325.In the Collection Book you consume schematics (weapon/trap heroes, survivors and defenders to put into your collection.There are rewards up to level 350.Level 13 Gold Llama, level Hero Experience, level 15 3 Training Manuals.Level 9 - 1 Skill Point.

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Weapon, level 17 - 9 Pure Drops of Rain.
Level 33 2 Skill Points, level 34 12 Drops of Rain, 5 Lightning in a Bottle.
It's key to add items to you Collection Book, because, as you do, your Collection Book will continue.
Please help improve this if you can.The player can also level up the item after it has been placed in the book to get more points.Level 6 500 V-Bucks, level 7 7 Drops of Rain.Level Survivor, xP, level 20 - 10 Pure Drop of Rain, 5 Lightning in a Bottle.Pure Drops of Rain and Lightning in a Bottle.Be Mature and Considerate.