club nintendo prizes

Nintendo will continue to list new prizes over the next few months discount chemist in perth for members to spend their coins on, but they'll all need to be spent by the end of June.
Undoubtedly, these items will run out of stock in a few months time so either order while you can, or be prepared to pay out on eBay in a few years time.
Products released after today (January 20) will apparently no longer ship with Club Nintendo codes.If you are in the EU you can already grab the Super Mario set from the European Club Nintendo for 7000 star points pricey!Take home the gang via, m, related Games.March 31 will be the last day for new members to sign up and the last day to earn coins by registering new products or completing surveys.Celebrate the pinky's birthday in style.Club Nintendo will be replaced by a "new program but Nintendo won't say anything about it until a "later date." However you felt about the quality of the prizes, Club Nintendo was a unique loyalty program that other game companies haven't really replicated.If you're planning on splashing out, you can order a Mushroom Kingdom family figurine set for 900 star points.Hopefully the new program is a worthwhile replacement.Today Nintendo of Japan has added two more goodies to its already bountiful collection of merchandise on the Club Nintendo website.We could only stare longingly at the much cooler prizes available in Japan, including soundtrack CDs, more exclusive games, and this official snes controller add-on for the Wii.The CD includes 20 tracks from the game itself, equating king soopers community rewards to 64 minutes of epic VGM heaven.Later, players could earn a few more coins by completing "post-play" surveys that let Nintendo know how you felt about games you finished.

The program will shut down slowly over the next six months.
Were the Wii wheel to come in Wario purple and gold and have a little "W" stamped upon it, I'd snap it up instantly, but would have to settle for the hat were I to be a member.
Hopefully, Nintendo of America will be offering something a little more exciting than these particular wares when the domestic version of Club Nintendo launches.
Club Nintendo rewards program later this year.
Frankly, they're no these or even this.Enlarge / All of this is going away in six short months.For a mere 200 points you can bag yourself a rather snazzy-looking 40x40mm.Fire Emblem: Awakening soundtrack, which is available on Club Nintendo of Japan for 400 points, or 250 if you have already registered the 3DS game.Though years of diligently entering codes has scored me a neat.Though some of Nintendo's fans may be upset by this closure, the fact of the matter is that the program in the US was never as rewarding as its Japanese counterpart (Club Nintendo was actually exclusive to Japan for years before coming to the.After six years of operation in the US, Nintendo has announced that it will be closing down its.This set stands.5x10cm and features all the usual suspects; Peach, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Yoshi, Toad and even a Goomba.June 30 will be the last day to spend those coins, which will all be deleted on July 1, never to be seen again.Club Nintendo Prizes, nintendo of Japan.