12.00 Selkbag Star Wars Wearable Sleeping Bag Keep Star Wars fans warm when it comes to the Dark Side, or in other words, Jedi Knight-time by giving them a themed adult wearable sleeping bag.
Dont worry, because you could always opt for a similarly ridiculous tee featuring kitty cats, a dinosaur or even an Abe Lincoln tee. .
These denim-look muffin cases make irresistible gifts for the baker in the family as the batter creates delightful love-handles as it rises.The perfect compartment for zombie hunters on the go, especially when paired with.Prices Vary Snickers Slice n Share Giant Chocolate Candy Bar Do you know someone who needs some more nuts?107.99 Surprise home depot veterans discount policy 2014 Cat Coffee Mug with Baby Cat Inside Waiter, theres a cat in my soup.Prices Vary Vosges Haut Chocolat Mos Bacon Bar Oh my!Better yet if your white elephant gift exchange is part of an office party, try this.It may be in high demand or it may get avoided.One sniff of this solid smelliciousness will bring him right back to campfires, hunting, and whiskey because, well, thats what it smells like.

A creepy fun desk item any time of year.
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And really, you could play any of these 10 gift exchange games with white elephant style gifts, just make sure everyone knows ahead of time!
Belly Button Lint Remover Why is it that mens belly buttons always have lint in them?
Gag gifts are always a big hit, but theres also nothing wrong with bringing a nice item that people actually want.22.00 Happy Feet Shark Slippers Heres the fin buying fun gifts can be hard, and ordinarily slippers would be a no-no.Plus, what is a white elephant gift, how to play a white elephant gift exchange, and great white elephant gift ideas including many for under5!This gift is sure to raise a few eyebrows and cause quite a stir at your gift exchange, and nobody will want to get stuck with.Creepy Headless Family Portrait Mousepad or, win dance repeat red sox shirt haunted Zombie Edgar Allan Poe Notebook on for size.

Its the worlds first hip flask with a collapsible shot glass built in!
You can buy or borrow it.
Just remember not to get too upset, it is just an inanimate ball.