centurylink visa rewards card

I worshiphouse media coupon code sincerely hope CenturyLink corrects this problem with me instead of smugly telling me they don't care if I report them to the FTC which I did this afternoon because I got no place with them.
What I signed up for.00 a month for life they canceled without my authorization and with no explanation.
To top it all off when I looked again at the.00 plan for life even the speed is more than I get now so it is a far better deal than what they gave.
They also have posted on various web pages put on by CenturyLink that all their internet services include the Installer and Free Norton Anti-Virus software.Monroe, LA 71203 USA, associated Links: m/getmygiftcard.Okay so a couple of weeks go by and they cancel my free Norton Anti-Virus without notice or explanation.The girl also tried to tell me the.00 a month plan was only for new customers but I looked at it again today and it says it is for new and existing customers and the girl also told me today that the.00.If.00 plan was the same as the.00 plan I signed up for then I should have gotten free Norton with.They said they were giving me a discount because of all the problems I had with them.So CenturyLink if you are listening please fix this.We wanted to keep our internet services at CenturyLink but switch them to residential instead of business.They said it was on the porting order from Midco and Midco said it was not so they blamed each other for the error and still disconnected my internet service without my authorization.If they are not going to give me the account I signed up for that they canceled, the least they could do is give me back my free Norton for having to go through this whole almost 2 month hassle they have put me through.

I do not like how CenturyLink is treating.
Somehow in all this mess I ended up with 3 accounts, the old one, a new one I never wanted which they said would be temporary until my residential one kicked in on the 21st and of course my residential one that would not kick.
They said we authorized it when we never did.After I was all signed up for residential internet services which would not start until the 21st, they told me to call the business end and have them cancel that service effective on the 21st.Online I can't even find anything called a posted account.18, 2018, our business phone internet contract was done on 9-7-18 so we ported our phone to Midco where it was much cheaper.When I called the business office they informed me that my internet was being canceled as of that night. Just visit the site and click on the Redeem Your Reward button. CenturyLink Visa Prepaid card to pay your CenturyLink bill. After the information has been provided please allow 12 to 14 weeks for the card to arrive.When they again saw their error they told me I could have my internet services for.00 a month for life and that it would be the same plan as the one I signed up for.00's a month for life.