This is not as easy as it looks but lots of fun!
Other ideas we have done in the past are a small craft area (foam visors, popsicle stick picture frames, etc) and a cupcake decorating table.
Prizes were inexpensive things from the dollar store/party store and candy.Water Balloon Bobbing, fill up a kiddie pool and some water balloons and let the kids go for. Attached were their tickets (it cost two tickets per booth) and inside was a water bottle with their name on st pete run fest promo code it (vinyl) and their reunion t-shirt (made by printing on iron-on paper and ironing it oneasy!). The kids had a blast together as we explored Salt Lake and had some good bonding time.Every kid got a bag to hold their various carnival goodies.Decorations were party bunting (found at local party store) and balloons! We are thinking that next year we may even put some of the older cousins in charge of a booth or two.I wanted to share with you one of the fun things we did to entertain the kids for one of the afternoons.

They then got to drink their soda they won later with dinner.
Here are the kids running up the hill to where we had set up the carnival booths.
The kids then threw darts in an attempt to pop two balloons to get their prize.Did any of you even notice? If you have a group of bored kids hanging around your house this summer, throw together a little carnival! Memories were made, relationships grew stronger and fun was had by all.The final event was our, carnival. It was nice to have a water event for the kids to cool down in too.Balloon Darts, made by putting the tied end of an inflated balloon through peg board and taping it on the back to keep it in place.Bean, bag, ladder Toss. This can be done quite iexplorer coupon code 2018 easily with things you have around the house but can be embellished as much as you want! Its like there are thousands of other crafty blogs out there or something!

Heres a quick run-down of the booths we did.