bully gnomes reward

Reward: Hobo Move - Leg Sweep Transistor #03 - You can find this at the smith and western box hill discount vouchers back door of the Mexican Restaurant in Southern Bullworth Town (across the street from the bike rental shop).
Grottos Gremlins Card # Go back up the small hill towards the train cars and go onto the tracks at the South side of the train cars here.
As you super discount mattress warehouse murrieta ca enter the Gates of the Observatory go around to the back (East) side of the staircase to your right and you will find the 33rd Card on the grass just behind that staircase.
You should see House #21 and just to the right of the front steps to this house you should see the 7th Gnome.A back yard in Blue Skies, next door (clockwise) to the tattoo parlour on the beach of the large island by the light house, opposite the pirate ship.Gnome # Now go across the street to the Southeast and you should see house #22 here with the Gnome just to the left of the front door to this house.Go to the front door of this house and you will see the 16th Gnome just to the right (Northwest) of the front door.

Enter that alley and climb up onto the dumpster you see to your right.
Grottos Gremlins Card #31 - Between some large rocks along the path on the West side of the Academy's Parking lot.
Behind the stairs on the south side of the Girls' Dorm.Between two bookshelves on the second floor of the library.Look to the Northwest and you should see a broken portion of wall here.Gnome # Continue West along this street and after you go pass the first street you should see on your left near the mailbox of House #15 the 4th Gnome.After Jimmy finds all the cards he will be rewarded with possibly the single best outfit basilico pizza discount code known to mankind: '.Grottos Gremlins Card # Go out onto the curve in the street at the South side of this house and follow this street to the South.Get onto that ship and you will find the 22nd Card near the front of this ship.

In front of the gym building.
Grottos Gremlins Card #21 - On the rocks near at the West end of the bridge that is Northwest of the Academy.