You made us very happy this year when you started dressing on your own.
Happy birthday, hope your special day is as special as you are!
Well, happy third birthday, Robert.So, happy third birthday and dont tell your dad what I said about his mother.All the books we read about three year old stated that you are going to ask a lot of questions but at times, this year we felt we were giving an interview.Dont be afraid though.Enjoy your special day!Have as much fun as possible!

However, they are getting old enough to start acknowledging how on one specific day they are treated in a special way.
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And I wouldn't change it, even if I could.
Thank you for getting more wonderful each year and happy third birthday.I hope his happy moments in life will be as many as the kisses he/she receives today in his/her third birthday!If sixty is the new forty.What exactly does it mean.At first you were astonished by the fact that you would become three.

The point is, sixty is now here.
But we dont care, we are going to spoil you as much as we can.