best gifts to bring back from thailand

Bangkok Travel Guide / August 29, 2017, your Bangkok trip is finally coming to an end and it is time to think of things to bring back home for your family and friends.
THE value-FOR-money stuff, cooking herbs oooking book.
But dont be fooled; some of the findings can be one-of-a-kind like the medicinal candies with a strong licorice flavour.
I am 100 convinced the publisher knew exactly how well the unfortunate best buy gift coupon title would sell, and as such this little book can be found all over Thailand.
I dont think there is such a thing as a must buy in Thailand, but I think the two products below are some of the ideal gifts to buy in Thailand, and they wont break the bank.Pantip plaza doesnt just sell software, hardware can be found everywhere too.You can even buy your backpack at Chakchuchak at the beginning of your trip.If you know what you are doing, go ahead and rent some equipment.Stay friendly, let everyone involved know you are cooperating and settle on the spot.For Thailand newbies, it is an eye-opener to see how young entrepreneurial Thais run these shops from little shacks and just how well they know their trade.My tailor made all of my shirts, and can be found in Soi.

You may not like them at first, but I can reassure you, they will send your cough away!
Look for English labels to know the kind of coconut oil that you are buying.
Not only will you get to experience a 30-minute gondola ride to the top of the mountain, but you can also find locally grown tea.Lastly, the number-one souvenir in my shopping list is cookbooks.If you absolutely must buy from them, at least do yourself a favor and check their online reputation on websites like tripadvisor.Especially if you get together with a couple of friends, you can splash out on penthouses overlooking the sea, villas or yachts for several days.The result is the soft and delicate cloth that can be made into a scarf, a tie, a pillow cover, a cushion cover, a bag or a wallet.Thai Silk Products, image credit: Isen Majennt.Counterfeit software, when I just arrived in Thailand, an engineering intern working at the same office invited me to an MBK trip: Lets go get some software dude.Get some Din Tai Fung paraphernalia.