If you take money out of your emergency fund to pay for holiday gifts, you risk coming up short if a true financial crisis hits you down the line.
According to a study performed by the National Retail Federation, Americans will be lexmark coupon code spending more money on gifts in 2018 than they did last year.
But whatever you do, dont spend anything thats not accounted for.Figure out where your spending could be at an optimal low.This includes things like rent, groceries and gas.Any time you use a credit card and fail to pay it off when your bill comes due, whether it's a 10 charge or a 1,000 charge, you're automatically signing up to throw away money on interest.The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy).Keep track of how much you spend or have left to spend on each person.My Monthly Budget, i just completed this exercise again, as I do every month when I add up my credit card statements.EveryDollar will track how much youre saving and how much more you need to save to meet your goal.When it comes to your fund goal this year, take a look at how much you spent on Christmas gifts last year.In December, your Christmas savings will be fully funded, and you can savor the season instead of feeling pinched for extra money.Then list your expenses in order of importance.Add that to the Christmas budget too!

It's easy enough to overspend during the holidays, so rather than charge up a storm or tap into savings you shouldn't be touching, try putting a little bit of cash aside each month in advance.
If youre spending more than youre taking home, you need to make some cuts so your income and outgo are equal.
Dont be shocked or worried if your income and expenses dont balance each other out.You can even include money you make selling items.Imagine you wind up spending 929 on holiday gifts this year like the average American, and that you're forced to put all of your purchases on a credit card charging 18 interest.That way you know where every one of your dollars is paradox interactive promo code going.Shoppers anticipate spending an average of 929 this season.