50 shades of grey themed gifts

There have been many recommendations and suggestions (keep em coming!) but not all have given me that Fifty feel, ya know?
There is also a novella called Lana for another main character that explains her story too.
Its cause in the 60th anniversary gift for grandparents UK they are titled per Sonjas list, but in the US, the publisher changed the title to this one.
Dont ancestry coupon free shipping forget CC Gibbs books!
The story gets hot fast.And what he can provide for her financially, she can provide for him emotionally IF they let each other.But let me tell you, once you get to Surrender To Me and Belong.Sparks fly and he has a dark secret.And its steamy as all get-out!While Ive found *alphas* again after Fifty, the ones that have given me back Christians intensity and emotion (and occasional lack thereof) are few and far between. Great male and female leads, wonderful stories, and smile worthy HEAs (Check out the Rescue Me Series Reading Order ) Letting Go (Siren Publishing) by Michele Zurlo (recommended by Sharona Another book that is Fifty Shadish is Letting Go by Michele Zurlo.

A much harder version of the bdsm lifestyle then what youll find in Fifty.
Overall, a good read and certainly reminiscent of Fifty, at least in terms of the control issues, and the occasional absurd bossy reactions and unemotional (and emotional) responses.
The Vampire Queens Servant by Joey.Vue (1 waverly kids (3 wendy bellissimo (2 color.You wont be disappointed.She recently released the first companion book to be read only after you read the series because it will give secrets away.Its definitely along the lines of fifty, bared to you, and the in flight series by Lilley.

Shades, trilogy and are curious here is the reading order guide and my reviews of each book.
Oh my gosh ladies, I only saw 1 post for The Original Sinners series by Tiffany Reisz here.
It is a nice blend of romance, hot alpha, and sweet vanilla being introduced.erm.